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Anyone But England

anyone-but-englandAnyone But England
An Outsider Looks at English Cricket

By Mike Marqusee
(Third edition, published by Aurum Press, 2005.)

Since its first publication in 1994, Anyone But England has been widely recognised as one of the few indispensable anatomies of the game. Short-listed for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award, it also received the annual Aberdare literary prize from the British Society of Sports History and was included in the SportsPages Bookshop list of the thirty best sports books ever published.

“The strengths of this book lie in its passion and in the meticulous retelling of cricket’s development… Only an outsider who has come to the game late in life could articulate its peculiarities so well. Cricket is refreshed through his eyes.” – The Sunday Times

“Better than CLR James on speed, there are thousands of us who’ve been waiting years for this.”- The Modern Review

“The most perceptive, challenging and irreverent book on cricket since CLR James.” – Caribbean Times

“An unusual and extremely thought-provoking book. It is also a unique book which transcends all the known genres of cricket writing.” – The Telegraph (Calcutta)

“Funny, disturbing and deeply provocative.” – Hindustan Times

“An excellent critical analysis of English cricket.” – Imran Khan

“The panache of his approach and obvious love of the game challenge the assumption that only those who grow up with cricket can know the game as it should be known… a book that contrives to be both cerebral and entertaining.” – The Times

“A very intelligent book, very cleverly written, with a lot that provokes thought.But I am uneasy about the way he has a go at just about everything cricketers hold sacred.” – Christopher Martin-Jenkins, BBC Test Match Special

“He writes well, if with a warped intelligence.” – E.W. Swanton

“Slightly barking but always readable.” – Tim Rice, Daily Telegraph

“Its beauty and originality lie in its insistence that it is possible to love the game while understanding that it is a game, nothing more or less.” – Mark Steel

“Laced with insightful comments about the relationship between cricket, the nation and the market. Quite fascinating.” – Prabhat Patnaik, Frontline

“Cricket’s iconoclast in chief” – Simon O’Hagen, Wisden Cricket Monthly

“What English cricket has done to deserve him is anyone’s guess.” – Marcus Berkmann, Wisden Cricket Monthly

“Marqusee is a skilled historian who knows and loves the game and knows, but does not always love, the British. His is a wide ranging book that that is arguably the most important sociological study of cricket since CLR James.” – Ramachandra Guha

“An entertaining read, full of delightful information.” – The Jewish Chronicle

First published by Verso in 1994 as Anyone But England: Cricket and the National Malaise. An expanded edition was published by Two Heads in 1998 as Anyone But England: Cricket, Race and Class. In 2005, a third edition, with a new afterword, was published by Aurum Press as Anyone But England: An Outsider Looks at English Cricket.