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Atreverse a fracasar, atreverse a ganar

“Dare to fail, dare to win”

Spanish translation (for Rebelion) of Red Pepper column on “Success, failure…”

En la lucha por el cambio social, el éxito y el fracaso son a veces difíciles de determinar. Sólo si aceptamos que podemos fracasar asumiremos los riesgos que podrían conducir a un mundo mejor. Traducido para Rebelión por Christine Lewis Carroll. Read more

The Iron Click: American Exceptionalism and US Empire

[This essay was published in 2007 in the book Selling US Wars, edited by Achin Vanaik, Olive Tree Press.]

I am so terrifed, America,
Of the iron click of your human contact.
And after this
The winding-sheet of your selfless ideal love.
Boundless love
Like a poison gas.

DH Lawrence, “The Evening Land”, 1923

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No sanctuary

The Hindu, 19 April

Despite an average of 40 violent deaths a day in recent weeks, Iraq, the British Home office insists, is a safe place. Accordingly, 1,400 Iraqi asylum seekers have received letters informing them that they must return home or face homelessness and destitution in Britain. Those who agree to go back will be required to sign a waiver accepting that the U.K. government bears no responsibility for what happens to them or their families after their return. Read more

Evading the Invasion

The Hindu, 7 October

Who’s being invaded by whom?

From the headlines in Britain’s most popular newspapers, and statements from politicians, not least government ministers, you’d think the country was about to be swamped by an alien horde, a wave of immigrants threatening its culture, public services and safety.

In his speech to the ruling Labour party’s annual conference – one of the set-pieces of the British political calendar – new prime minister Gordon Brown used the words “Britain” and “British” more than eighty times (including the dubious soundbite “British jobs for British workers”), while Iraq and Afghanistan each received no more than a single passing reference.

It was a prime example of the insidious unreality that pervades the conduct of both the war abroad and the war at home. Read more

Britain in Iraq; Iraq in Britain

The Hindu, 15 July

The British government response to the failed terrorist actions in London and Glasgow was markedly more measured than in the past. The “war on terror” rhetoric was toned down, there was no threat of yet another round of anti-terror laws, and greater care in speaking about and to Muslim communities. That’s more than I expected from Gordon Brown, and it’s a relief. But Brown and his government continue to deny reality by insisting that the attacks are on on “our way of life”and have no connection to British policy in Iraq. Read more

Good riddance Tony Blair

The Hindu, 6 May

After ten years as Prime Minister, Tony Blair faces the end of the road, and for most of us in Britain, his resignation will come not a moment too soon. Read more